Serious Playtime

One of the best things you can do for your child at an early age is to simply make time to play with them. No electronics or fancy gizmos required, research has shown that there are tremendous benefits to good old fashion playtime:

  • Creativity and imagination get a real boost from play time. During play time children invent, build expand, explore and tap into an entirely different part of the brain.
  • While a lot of electronic devices retard attention spans, good old fashion play outdoors for just 30 minutes a day increases children’s ability to focus and pay attention.
  • Play strengthens children’s social skills. It allows them to develop friendships, learn how to work in groups, share, negotiate and communicate, all skills that will carry them through life.
  • Even children feel stressed and anxious at times and research has shown that play is critical to helping them work through these emotions.
  • Through play children learn to enjoy their own company, entertain themselves and develop their identity.
  • Play expands the mind and neurological development and is important to the learning process.
  • With childhood obesity on the rise, play is a great way to boost physical health

One of the most important benefits of play is the bond that is created between a parent and child.

Having play time with your children provides a wonderful opportunity to have one on one time which strengthens your relationship and allows you to see the world through their eyes.