Encourage Your Child to Read

Putting in the time and energy to create an appetite and a love for reading in your children is one of the best things you can do for them as a parent. Studies show that children who are avid readers do much better academically in school and beyond. Reading skills have also been shown to correspond directly to the ability to effectively communicate, succeed in a chosen career and to impact on confidence level.

  1. Start from Day One! Bedtime is a great time to read to your young child and as they get older don’t stop this important bonding time, let them start reading to you.
  2. Get them interested in the newspaper! Pick out things that are kid friendly and read it to your kids or let them read to you.
  3. Turn the TV off while you are doing your household chores and let your child read aloud to you.
  4. Have a family reading hour during which the whole family reads for half an hour and then discuss what they have read.
  5. Let your child pick out books about things that they find interesting. If they aren’t ready for the Classics or Shakespeare, don’t force them.
  6. Make use of the modern technology, if your finances permit. Invest in the e-readers like a Nook or Kindle.

Once you ignite that desire and spark their interest, your children will develop a love for reading which will never leave them!

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