Being A Great Father

Being a parent is one of the most important jobs we have and while society tends to see mothers as the main caregivers, here are some tips for fathers who don’t plan to be left out on raising their kids:

  1. Have fun with your children. This way, they grow up knowing that you enjoy being their father. This will build their confidence and sense of security.
  2. Respect your children’s mother. Mutual respect between a child’s parents is important whether or not they are married. How you treat your child’s mother will influence the way in which that child will view his or her own role when they become parents.
  3. img7Spend time with and take responsibility for your children. Some fathers miss opportunities to spend time with their kids. However, If you don’t establish an intimacy with your children when they’re young, it will be difficult to catch up when they’re older.
  4. Be a teacher by both word and example. Children will not grow up and miraculously know right from wrong. Children need to be taught right behaviour and will also need to see it demonstrated by their father.
  5. Show affection. Some men may be uncomfortable with offering their children affection and communicating their love, but being affectionate with your child shows them that you love them and teaches them to show affection to others.

…and always remember, just like it’s said about mothers, a father’s job is never done!

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  1. I am not a mother but I have a niece who is a single parent to a son.Tonight was the first time I viewed this prigrame on channel 116 and I was very impressed.I would like to get involved to help my niece.

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