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We are My Child and I, and we are dedicated to helping parents, guardians and the wider community improve their parenting/caring approaches. Together, we will raise healthy, positive, well-rounded, creative children – our region’s future!

Visit our family resource centre regularly for parenting tips and advice from experts. You can also watch clips from your favorite episodes. We invite you to email us your parenting stories which can help other parents.

Also check your local listings to see where the programme is being aired wherever you are in the region or where the Charity will be holding its next workshop.

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Raising healthy, positive, well-rounded children

    Encourage Your Child to Read
    Putting in the time and energy to create an appetite and a love for reading...
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    Being A Great Father
    Being a parent is one of the most important jobs we have and while society ...
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    Serious Playtime
    One of the best things you can do for your child at an early age is to simp...
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    Teens and Peer Pressure
    When it comes to helping your children navigate the perils of peer pressure...
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Recent Events

Stakeholders’ Breakfast 2017

My Child and I Charity held its Stakeholders Breakfast 2017 on Tuesday March 21st at the Hilton Barbados. There was full attendance as My Child and I…

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Free Parenting Workshop 2016

My Child and I in association with the Child Care Board of Barbados held its second Free Parenting Workshop on Saturday May 21st. The workshop was held at…

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